【Official】Villa Marine Hill

【An inn where you can stay with your pet】Luxury condominium that rents out one building.A bright and spacious room with an atrium.A large garden where you can play with your dog.Overlooking Tokyo BayA villa area lined with unique luxury villas.Families without dogs are also welcome to stay.

 Villa Marine Hill is located in a luxury villa area on a small hill overlooking the sea.On the outdoor deck, you can spend a relaxing time watching the blue sea and the wide unobstructed sky, and enjoy barbecues on sunny days.
 A world completely different from the city, located within an hour's drive from Haneda.A wonderful view that extends forever.Villa Marine Hill is a wonderful villa that makes you happy just by staying there.
 ★As a "pet-friendly" villa, we have prepared it so that you can play with your dog in the garden.
<Pet conditions>Up to small dogs and medium-sized dogs in the Corgi class.Have completed vaccinations.You have enough discipline.In addition, we do not take any responsibility for pet accidents in the facility.

Affiliate facility

  • villa, Hamakanaya

    A villa that can be used easily.
    Walk 10 minutes to the trailhead of Mt Nokogiriyama Showa's typical architectural style, tatami room with corridor, retro bath. You can enjoy a barbecue in the garden surrounded by hedges.
    JR Uchibo Line Hamakanaya Station 10-minute walk from JR Uchibo Line Hamakanaya Station. 5 minutes from Tateyama Expressway Futtsu Kanaya Interchange.15 minutes walk from Tokyo Bay Ferry Kanaya Port. Minamiboso is used as a resting place for everyone traveling through Minamiboso and climbers of Mt Nokogiriyama. Situated "at the foot of Mt Nokogiriyama, near the Hamakanaya Station This is a villa that can be reached by train.
    Please spend a good time in a typical house in Showa with your family and well-matched friends. The setting sun in the nearby Mt Nokogiriyama and the palm trees planted in a nearby private house is also exceptional.
  • Seaside villa Kanaya

    A newly built condominium where you can enjoy the ocean, Tokyo Bay and Mt Fuji, and the beautiful sunset.
    As a tourist destination Minamiboso of the gateway, also located in a convenient location as a base of climbers Quasi-National Park Mt Nokogiri 2 minutes from Tateyama Expressway Futtsu Kanaya Interchange Futtsu Tateyama Expressway Futtsu Kanaya Interchange. You can park any number of cars in the large parking lot. Tokyo Bay Ferry Kanaya Port takes less than 5 minutes on foot from Tokyo Bay Ferry Kanaya Port.JR Uchibo Line Hamakanaya Station is about a 15-minute walk from JR Uchibo Line Hamakanaya Station.
    The view from the facility's veranda will make the sea, the mountains and the sky the best for you. Various dishes and barbecue sets are fully equipped. Feel free to use it as your villa with your family and friends.
  • villa sawanso

    Minamiboso town,Konan.There is a nice villa where you can stay with your pet.Woodlands across the Yasuda River to the south, Mt Nokogiriyama famous in hell looking to the east, the sea in 5 minutes if you walk to the west.Around February, you can see the narcissus fields that spread throughout the town, the Yoritomo cherry blossoms that bloom along the Hota River in early spring, the sea in summer, the autumn leaves, and the magnificent Mt Fuji, A location that you will never get tired of throughout the four seasons.
    Konan is famous for Ukiyo-e, and is the birthplace of Shigenori Hishikawa, and there is a memorial nearby. Mt Nokogiriyama is a 5-minute drive to Nihon-ji Temple with the huge Buddha carved in Mt Nokogiriyama On sunny days, you can relax and enjoy a barbecue in the garden.

Exit from Futtsu Chuo IC, turn left on Route 127, turn left shortly after crossing Minato Bridge, and go to the villa area

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Sightseeing spots around Futtsu

  • <Mt Nokogiriyama>Mt Nokogiriyama of 329 meters above sea level.The remains of the Boso stone that had been cut out since the Edo period remain.

  • <Sanctuary for Couples>Near Tokyo Bay Ferry Kanaya Port Mt Fuji in front of you.A wonderful sanctuary that warms the love of lovers

  • <Futtsu Cape>The most famous place in Uchibo.An arrow-like cape protruding into Tokyo BayThe view from the observatory is a panoramic world

Cut through

  • <Cut through>Lantern Slope Daishi's cutting.A short, narrow tunnel dug by hand.Completed in the early Showa period

Mother Farm

  • <Mother Farm>A guest ranch on a vast site of 2.5 million square meters spread over Kanouzan, Futtsu City.


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