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Facility information

Mt Nokogiriyama 

Facility Information

  • Exterior appearance

    A building of about 90 m2 is built on a land of about 300 m2

    On the first floor there is a living room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet

    The second floor is a bedroom, with 3 single beds, 2 semi-double beds and a toilet across the bay.
  • Garden for dog runs

  • deck

    You can enjoy BBQ on the deck
  • Gas stove for BBQ

  • bathroom

  • toilet

  • Single Bed

  • Semi-double Bed

  • toilet

    The toilet is on the first floor and the second floor is a washlet.
  • Dog relaxing in the living room

  • Dog relaxing on the deck

  • Dog relaxing in the living room

Number of rooms

Total number of rooms: 2: 2 Western-style rooms
Western translation: 1 single room(-) /1 double room (-)

Standard room equipment

All rooms bathroom toilet / all rooms shower / all rooms air conditioning / TV / satellite / empty refrigerator


Hand towel / toothbrush・Toothpaste / Bath towel / Rinse / Body soap / Hair dryer / Duvet / Shower toilet

Facility contents

BBQ (Free)

Credit card available locally

Credit card payments can not be made locally.

Standard check in time


Standard checkout time


Drawings in this facility